Tom Apostol's Greek Olives Recipe
Tom Apostol's Greek Olives, recipe transcription thanks to Autumn Looijen '99

Wash olives and remove stems.

Cut 3 lengthwise slits in each olive at 120 degree intervals. Immediately place olives in container of cold water. Do not use metal container. *Don't use a good knife, either -- the olives seem to react with the metal and stain the knife.*

When all olives have been slit, pour off water and fill container with fresh water. Add 2 teaspoons of salt to each gallon of water.

Each day for 14 days pour off liquid and fill container with fresh water, adding 2 teaspoons of salt to each gallon of water. (By 14th day, water should be fairly clear.) *You may see some scum on top of the water. This is generally okay, just pour it off.*

Drain olives. In container, put down layer of salt, add layer of olives, cover completely with salt, and so on until all olives are used. (It takes about 3-4 pounds of salt for 2 gallons of olives.) Let olives stand 48 hours. *They should already taste good at this point.*

Rinse off salt. Cover olives with vinegar and let stand 2-3 days, according to taste.

Pour off vinegar. Do not rinse olives. Place in jar and cover with oil. Add bay leaf, oregano, and garlic if desired.